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Light river tourism on the Bodrog River

Discover the natural values and extraordinary birdlife of the Bodrogköz, hike and camp in the area, enjoy the taste of gastronomy, take a sip from the wines of Hegyalja, attend the cultural programs of the villages, these are all awaiting you all year-round!

The most dominant landscape element of the area is the Bodrog River itself, which separates and connects the villages in the same time. On the left side of the river, the Bodrogköz area awaits the adventurers, while on the right side the slopes of Tokaj-Hegyalja (World Heritage Site) and its wines will refresh your eyes and souls. canoeists on the Bodrogon This diverse landscape offers numerous opportunities for the travelers and gives you the chance to explore this wonderful water world: slow flowing river, lush vegetation, bent tree trunks; wildlife along the river fascinates the travelers. River tourism is getting more popularity on the Bodrog River, from year to year; there are more and more people who sit in kayaks and canoes on these adventurous river routes. Many people are attracted to the beauty of the river and the historical attractions of nearby villages. Canoeing is more popular among the youths; however the tourist offices and travel agents are offering tours which raise interest among the family travelers and the elderly as well. Fit and prepared canoeists can choose from multi-day adventures with 20-25 km daily rowing on the river. For the family travelers and the older age groups we suggest river tours combined with gastro-experience. In these tours the shorter rowing sections are followed by tasting of special traditional meals in nearby villages.

You either arrive on train, on road or on the river to the Bodrogköz, you will immediately feel the harmonic unity of nature and the built environment. Hospitality infrastructure has been building up rapidly, so all levels of expectation can be fulfilled by local selection of accommodations and dining places. The tasting of Tokaji wine is usually a "can't miss" experience in the itinerary of travelers.

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